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Few words about Y S Rajasekara & Jaganmohan Reddy

Our Indian government separated started from 1947 still we cannot find the the best chief minister in Andhra Pradesh while we found a great leader like a Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and our ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said to all of our Indian peoples “we never seen the leader before  great leader from Andhra Pradesh is Y S Rajasekhara Reddy” let us again remember one of the best politician from Andhra Pradesh and his love and concern the people. and no one cannot implement the useful promises to the peoples. still we saw many of politicians and their promises but no one cannot stand by the words but overall  Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is done many projects and he was implemented many things to Andhra Pradesh peoples. he started many organization and helped pour family’s.

Y s Rajasekhara Reddy started many projects and forcedly approval from our old government Congress like aarogyasri, polavaram project, fee reimbursement to graduates those are the main projects implemented by the great politician in Andhra Pradesh. We are heartfully thanks to our ex CM to support for all the time to getting more inspirative things for or our state

When Y S Rajasekhara Reddy alive no one cannot abuse his thoughts and his work because he know everything as well and he can think from basic. Which decision he took to the nation is correct in anyways and many of chief ministers from India and all over world inspired by him and start copying same things and  implemented projects in their countries.

Before 2014 no politician is ready to spoke infront of him after is going to funnel all the the politicians fired on their bases even though our state separated after he was died. We may not get like this people in never but one of the legend from the same blood he is trying to rule us like him he is only one son named Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. we are grandly welcome to him to ruling over state because he as well educated and learn many things from the Y S rajasekhara Reddy

About Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

The legend y s jaganmohan Reddy was born 21st December 1972. The named itself Y S  Jaganmohan Reddy means yeduguri sandinti Jaganmohan Reddy. he is one leading politician from andhra pradesh. He is the founder of YSR Congress party. He has one sibling named sharmila she was more active participate in politics like jagan Mohan Reddy she was0 more support you to the family in a political way and in 209 jagan Mohan Reddy started his political career as a member of parliament from kadapa by the Congress but in 2010 and he resigned to the party and start kadapa constituents owned by hug margin of 545043 votes and in 2011 he started a party named YSR Congress party and in 2014 Assembly elections YSR Congress lost and just they own 67 seeds apart from 175 but definitely he knows in 2019 elections he get the success our present prime Minister Narendra modi said about jaganmohan Reddy his youthful leader and icon of youth

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