Listing Optimization On Amazon

Selling Hacks: The Million Dollar Guide to Your Listing Optimization On Amazon



Amazon is indeed a very busy market with the largest e-commerce share and over a million sellers. The competition among sellers is quite tough, therefore; listing the products without optimization won’t get you good results.

There are millions of sellers selling a product like yours. To get the customer’s attention and making your product listing visible on the top page, you need to optimize it and make sure you follow the latest guidelines in accordance with Amazon Ranking Algorithm.

  • A fully optimized listing increases profits during Amazon PPC Campaigns and also benefits lower ACoS.
  • Unit Session Percentage also gets better.
  • Rank high on multiple keywords that drives more traffic to your listing.

Use the Amazon product listing feature to the optimum level by converting a simple listing into an optimized one! When it comes to boosting sales on Amazon via product listing, these are additional items that should be taken care of:


Do you know what makes your product appear on the top pages of Amazon? It’s the highly searched keywords that a potential customer uses to search for your product. Make sure you use all those keywords in your listing. To achieve higher impressions, conversions, and profit, Keywords are one of the basic essentials you must be careful about. Adding relevant keywords to a listing can be fruitful to your brand. On the other hand, irrelevant or low search keywords might negatively affect product rankings for your brand. Place your keywords smartly in your listing title, bullets, description and back-end to get positive results. Let your customers avail what they are searching for. You can find a number of free keyword tools on the web that you can use for finding out the most relevant keywords for your product listing and can also track the rankings for your product.


A Product title is something that is a short key to provide all the exclusive details of your products to your customers. When a customer searches for the product, the main product image and the title are the crucial items that grab the attention of the buyers. You should have the most convincing title infused with relevant keywords to distinguish it from competitors. You should systematically write the title to grab attention. Before clicking on your product listing page, it’s the title that gives your buyer information about your product and what you offer to them. Make it the best to get more clicks and conversions. Add all of your priority target keywords to make your products visible on top pages. Product titles help in improving the click-through rate (CTR) for your product listings.


Why are product images crucial in the list? No matter how much you convey your product information, a product listing is not useful if there are no actual product images to show to your discerned customers. Customers tend to make a purchase decision by the product’s looks, design, and features. Product images depict 80% of the product information and make it way easier to convince a buyer. Product images with good infographics, texts, and lifestyle images have always turned beneficial for the seller. Poor quality images and no images may lead to low product rankings and low sales. Adding 6-8 high-quality images can help improve your product rankings. Beat your competition by making your product look attractive and convincing for a buyer to choose your brand from the competition. Don’t worry, if you don’t have good product images for your brand, there are product image experts who can assist you to create attractive and convincing images for your products.

  • High quality featured images = High product rankings and sales.


Provide more product details through bullet points. Bullet points allow a seller to provide more detail and information to their buyers. All the vital information should be mentioned in the bullet points to give your buyer a feeling of reliability while choosing between you and competitors. Describe your product completely in a way that your buyer does not have any doubts or questions remaining for not choosing your product. For better results, you should infuse the high ranked keywords within your bullet points to achieve better product rankings. As one cannot utilize all the high ranked keywords into the limited character product title, one should use the bullet points to maximize the use of keywords. Bullet points with an effective title head can be fruitful.

  • Let your bullet points convince and convert your potential customer into a buyer!


After setting up the perfect bullet points, Amazon allows you to further describe your brand and product details by utilizing the product description feature. Amplify whatever you want to highlight and showcase as the main features/benefits of your products. Let the customer know a bit more about your brand and your product with the help of HTML content. HTML content for the description feature adds a perfect finishing to your listing as it highlights all the reasons why a customer should choose your product over your competitors. For better results, you must add keywords to the description section as well. As a summary, convince your customers by highlighting what you offer and avail better results with the help of HTML content and infused keywords.


A+ content or say enhanced brand content is an exclusive feature available for the sellers who have their brand registered on Amazon. A+ and EBC content helps the sellers to make their listings more attractive and eye-catching in comparison to a normal listing done by other sellers on Amazon. This feature brings more conversions to a listing. By using EBC or A+ content to your listing, you can provide more information to your buyers and stand out from your competitors bearing a normal listing. You should choose the best fit template to showcase your brand. There are A+ and EBC experts who provide the best EBC services choosing the ideal template for your brand which allows you to get more conversion rates. Enhance your brand and products to obtain more profits along with high product rankings.


Good product reviews are a stepping stone to convince the buyer and make them believe in your product quality and standards. Good product reviews are fruitful in two ways: One is better product search rank and second is it gives social proof to your potential buyers. Good reviews from your past customers can help in creating a good reputation of your brand in the minds of the customer. The increased amount of good reviews you get on your products, the more chance to showcase your brand and products on top of the Amazon search engine. Good reviews, directly and indirectly, influence the buyer to make a buying decision. Requesting and chasing customers for feedback might consume a lot of your time but using smart automated feedback services like Feedback Whiz can save your time requesting product reviews.


Backend keywords are the keywords that one can add to make their product visible when a buyer searches with those keywords. One can add more of the keywords in this section, as these keywords are for backend and do not appear on the detail page. These keyword helps Amazon’s search algorithm to rank the product based on search terms.

Over to you
Whether you are listing a product for the first time or looking for some higher sales opportunity, these pro steps will surely get you to the top. It’s not necessary to be an expert on every point mentioned above but there are some Amazon SEO and Photography agencies in the market to assist you.

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