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Want to increase the ranking of your amazon product listing? Know how….

                 ##Are you looking for Amazon product listing optimization? Your search ends here….##

 Being a seller on Amazon means you get direct access to a huge crowd of the audience that accounts for approximately 50% of consumers of the eCommerce market in the US. Amazon is an online retail giant and also with millions of sellers associated with it, makes it a bit tough job to increase the product ranking on this platform.

Firstly, before looking at the processes like what every website speaks, let’s have a look at how the Amazon product ranking Algorithm works?

Do you know that three times more the buyers compared to Google search for products in Amazon!!!

OK, Let’s think this way

If you are an online buyer and looking for some apparels, where would you go first

Obviously, AMAZON

Most of the sellers are not aware of how Amazon delivers the search result. But if you understand how Amazon product listing optimization works then what?

You would have three times more buyers than you ever would have got in Google.

So, let’s have a look and detailed know-how about Amazon Product Listing optimization.

A9: Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm

Amazon product ranking algorithm’s official name is A9. Much of the backend work is done even before the customer touches the keyboard. A9 sits just behind the little search box you find on Amazon. Amazon through its internal algorithm and day to day customer shopping behavior does an in-depth analysis of the data, observes the previous traffic patterns, and indexes the text in which every product is described in the catalog before the customer decides to search for the product.

As the customer hits the search button, Amazon’s A9 algorithm delivers the results through its two-step process:

  • First, it will search and then pull the relevant products from the catalog of Amazon Product listing.
  • Then it will sort and display those products that are most relevant to the user.

So, you might be thinking now that Amazon focusses on conversion, not on relevancy and relevancy is for Google. Relevancy means different for Amazon, unlike Google. One of the main principles of A9 algorithm is that “Relevancy is in the eye of the customer and Amazon strives hard to get the desired and best results for the users”. Amazon continuously evaluates as per

  • Human Judgements
  • Programmatic Analysis
  • Performance metrics

The difference between Google and Amazon relevancy is

  • Google pulls the result that accurately answers the searcher’s query.
  • Amazon pulls the products that searcher is most likely to buy.

Ranking in Amazon is much easier compared to Google because you don’t need to put on so much work what you do on Google. Amazon uses internal factors to determine product ranking. Social media, Backlinks, domain authority and other stuff are not needed while you sell on Amazon.

Three Amazon rules you need to keep in mind:

  1. The main goal of Amazon is to maximize Revenue Per Customer (RPC)
  2. Amazon tracks each and every action of the user, right from where the user’s mouse hovers on the page.
  3. The A9 logarithm is actually created to connect the data of point number 2 to the goal of point 1.

What factor influences the Amazon Ranking Algorithm A9?

Conversion Rate and Relevancy

“More sale means a higher product Ranking – A higher product ranking means more conversion rate”

If you read the above statement carefully you will come to know it goes in the circle. If you are a new seller don’t worry there are still many ways to compete.  If you want to increase the conversion rate of your products on Amazon, then follow the below factors

Optimize the contents: Amazon provides very little space to describe your product. You need to make sure that you make the perfect use of the allotted space. Use crisp statement and add points that would attract the customer to your product. Buyers should know every single detail about your product, while they read the description. Amazon would like it if you strictly follow its policies like not including:

  • HTML texts
  • Phone numbers
  • Company detail or a
  • Promotional language.

Make your description relatable to as many audiences as possible. Also, provide them with shipping and return details. The customer should be aware of the complete scenario while buying your product, there should not be any unwanted surprises that would lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Follow the SEO strategy: While writing the description on your product page make sure you insert certain keywords that help to search your product easily and catchable by A9 as well. This will help you to spend less on paid Ads. Also, there is a possibility of your product getting displayed to the user through third-party search engines.

Use effective titles: Let not your listing or product become a needle in a haystack. For that be sure you are using relevant titles and keywords of the category and model of the product you are selling. The more specific you are with the usage of words the better you can sell.

Include appealing images: While using images on the product description page, do a bit of professional photography that suits your budget. Follow the below image requirements while selling on Amazon:

  • Use White background images
  • No description or write-ups on the images
  • Use at least 1000 px for either length or height.
  • Don’t use animated images
  • JPEGS are preferable
  • Don’t include accessories or props

If you have the budget and is backed up with designers use augmented reality to give a clearer view of your product.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): If you are short of time in dealing with the picking, packing, shipping of the product, customer service and returns, then Amazon can do that for you. The process is very simple you just need to send your products to Amazon fulfillment center, the items will be kept with them until they are sold. As your order comes in, Amazon would fulfill all the terms related to shipping and would even make the delivery faster.

With FBA, you receive the prime Badge on your product listing. That means, if a customer is enrolled in Amazon Prime, they will get free 2-day delivery service with your product. Amazon FBA adds more brownie points to your product listing that influences the A9 algorithm.

Customer Satisfaction and reviews

When a customer receives the right product at a less possible time, they feel happy. But when the product quality turns out to be very good and the customer feels that they received exactly what they saw on Amazon product listing page then they are known as the satisfied customer. With this comes great reviews. Help your customer to send you reviews by sending them emailer of rating you.

Good reviews would always increase your conversion rate and attract more customers. Another day, while I was thinking of buying perfume online, I liked one perfume but I was completely unaware of the smell.  But by going through the positive reviews on Amazon, I came to know that it smells awesome and felt to buy it that very moment. The perfume turned out to be really good as given in the reviews. Positive reviews influence the A9 algorithm at large.

Price your Products well and use Amazon Repricer

Pricing is the most important aspect. Obviously, while buying a product online, a person would go through many other websites just to see, if they can buy the same product on a lower rate. Know the market, research how competitors are pricing the same product and then price your product.

Amazon has one more tool called as “Repricer” where you need to add the minimum and maximum price of the product. Depending upon your competitor’s pricing or product unavailability status, Amazon would price your product more competitively. The price would be lower than your competitor while you earn good margins.

Use multichannel management software to manage your business process

Managing orders from all the eCommerce store is difficult if you are selling on multiple channels. From listing, order management, inventory, accounting to shipping all becomes a very tough task. There might also be the chances of human errors. So, its very important that your business operations should run in a streamlined way. KartzHub offers you the best Ecommerce automation software that would help you to manage all the above factors efficiently and hassle-free.

The orders are processed and inventory changes are updated automatically. This means you make money as you sleep. Fulfilling all the above aspects you can improve your Amazon product ranking algorithm which impacts your Amazon product listing optimization.

Narayana Velagala is Full-time Employee in IT sector and versatile in a job. basically, he is a Digital marketing executive and professional SEO trainer. he is also a content writer and mostly writes blogs for business articles